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About Us

IFHUB is the next generation of virtual organisation for Infinite Flight. We offer first class training, along with freedom in the IF skies. We have:

  • A custom-made, fully integrated crew center
  • A large array of courses for our training academies
  • An incredible community, to make this all possible

We believe that everyone should have the chance to fly as a community. Not only that, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become better at it, regardless of their previous experience - this is why we have no requirements, so we are perfect for those just starting out, and those who are experienced, and looking for a challenge. Scroll down to learn more.

language 1,461,070

Miles flown in the Infinite Flight skies.

access_time 3124

Hours spent in the skies.

record_voice_over 7,823

Operations given by our Air Traffic Controllers.

access_time 73

Hours spent ensuring the skies are safe.


Here you can learn about each of our training academies. Click on one to find out more.


Pilot Academy

Want to improve your flying skills? Learn how to do real flight procedures? Click to find out more about our Pilot Academy.


Controller Academy

Want to learn the secret to keeping calm when controlling? Improve your aircraft management? Click to find out more about our Controller Academy.


Events Academy

Want to be able to plan great events, for IFHUB and our partners? Learn a skill for life in our Events Academy, just click to find out more.



Need for speed? Want a bit more of a 'buzz'? IFHUB Virtual Air Force gives you the opportunity to fight with the best of them. Click to find out more.


Here you can learn about our packed events schedule! All events can be seen on a calender via the Crew Center, and are planned by members in our Events Academy



Many of our pilots plan their own events, with other members! In IFHUB you are free to plan your own groupflights whenever you are free!


Weekend Events

We have a variety of events that take place over the weekend, with at least 2 taking place. These are often themed, and can often gain you special rewards!


IFHUB Events

Our large events are open to everyone, and are often held once per month. These are open to everyone, no matter if they are in IFHUB or not.


Partner Events

Many of our partnerships are based around the prospect of providing them with events. Our partnered events are a must! Gain large multipliers, fly with others and of course, explore the world.


Still not convinced? Take a look at what some of our members and staff have to say.


Find out who our amazing staff team comprises of.


Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Chief Operations Officer


Events Manager & ATC Trainer


Recruitment Manager


Pilot Trainer


Pilot Admin


ATC Trainer

Live Map

Here you can see all of our pilots in the sky right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IFHUB just for beginners?

Absolutely not! IFHUB is a place where members of all all experiences come together and share their skills and knowledge!

I pretty much know everything about Infinite Flight. What is there for me?

We're sure there'll be a Training course that you haven't done, but if not, never fear! You can request a course to be made, and of course join in with our events, and IFHUB-VAF.

Will I be able to control at events?

Yep! Our controllers control at both ours, and our partners' events. Your rank determines the size of the event that you are eligible to control.

I'm in another VA. Can I still be in IFHUB?

Of course! Even better, if it's one of our partners, you get streamlined through our recruitment process, meaning no tests are required! Everyone's a winner.

What happens with callsigns?

When controlling, we ask you to use your IFHUB callsign. When flying, you may use our callsign, or another VA callsign, however 'IFHUB' must be visible somewhere, either in your callsign or display name.

I can't make an event. What shall I do?

Plan your own! IFHUB gives you the freedom to create groupflights and even request a large event to be made! Our weekend events are all at different times, to ensure people from all over the world can attend.